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Bluetooth - A Seamless Connection between Life and Technology


Bluetooth technology is widely used in our daily life, such as Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth bracelets, etc. Bluetooth technology has closely linked our life with technology.

Tech & Gear Bluetooth technology is a kind of short-range wireless communication technology. With the rapid development of the information age, people use more and more digital devices, which requires more and more cables to be laid in the office and home. Bluetooth technology is the solution to this problem without the use of cables. Bluetooth technology effectively simplifies the communication between various mobile communication terminals and is widely used in all areas of our life.

Culture Bluetooth works on the ism band, which is used worldwide exclusively in industrial, scientific and medical fields. Because the ism band does not require a special license at all, it uses a variety of devices including wireless networks, microwave ovens, car door openers, and Bluetooth. In order to avoid congestion, frequency hopping technology is applied to Bluetooth to improve its immunity to interference.

Tech & GearWhen two Bluetooth devices are connected, there is a master-slave relationship, i.e., one is the master device and the other is the slave device. The master device initiates the pairing and the slave device is paired with it separately. The Bluetooth-enabled device can switch freely between the master and slave relationship.

Today's Bluetooth technology not only has a large transmission range but also has a strong penetration capability. Frequency hopping technology ensures its strong anti-interference capability, which is not easy to eavesdrop and has good application prospects.

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