Five financial management methods for the working class


Warren Buffett once said: "How much wealth a person can accumulate in his life does not depend on how much money he can earn, but on how he invests his money. Instead of changing money, it is better to change people. You should learn to let the money work for you, rather than working for the money.


The first method: savings, zero risk, but also will reduce the return.

We can flexibly use savings methods to maximize savings income. After 5 years, the original 5-year time deposit matures and is renewed directly. The future maturity of the deposit with interest will be deposited in the bank for five years. This is 2% more than the one-year term and 2% more than the current term. 12 time certificates of deposit are equivalent to 5 time certificates of deposit.


Method 2: Treasury bonds, zero risk, higher than recurring income. At present, the term of treasury bonds is 3 years and 5 years, and the profit is 4%-5%, which can be purchased at the beginning of each month through bank counters or websites.

Mode 3: Bank financing, with the support of the bank tree, relatively safe, income can be pushed through the bank's website or mobile applications to choose their own variety of financial products.

Mode 4: WeChat change pass, Alipay balance treasure and other third-party institutions products, essentially means that these large enterprises use your money to buy funds, the return is higher than the bank's one-year time deposit, the risk can be controlled.


Way five: the fund, in essence, is to pay a certain fee, entrusted to professionals to help you manage your money. The risk is small and the return is stable. Through some professional websites, understand the relevant funds, looking around for a good fund manager, choose a fund product for yourself, another on the fund manager. Fixed investment funds are a way to invest money, there are good and bad, fixed investment to a certain extent can avoid risk, but with the longer time, the rate of return on fixed investment will be diluted.

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